The company first start their trade activities in 1968. Since 2008, company is active in international agribusiness. November 2013, the sole shareholder of Rolweg, went to initial public offering and now its shares are trading on Istanbul Stock Exchange. In 2018, the Swiss entity established under the name of Rolweg S.A. as 100 % subsidiary of main company Ulusoy Un.

• 1969 Establishment of Ulusoy Un
• 1989 First steps in the milling business
• 1995 Starting of wheat flour exports
• 2008 Entrance into International trade
• 2014 Public Offering
• 2014 Origination in Russia
• 2015 Indonesia Trade House
• 2015 Istanbul Trade Office
• 2016 Origination in Ukraine
• 2016 Vietnam Trade House
• 2017 Origination in Moldova and Australia
• 2017 Malaysia Trade House
• 2018 Philippines Agency Agreement
• 2018 Establishment of Rolweg S.A.

As of years, company gave priority to develop its growth on commodity business. About 30 years experience in milling business, the company has benefited to well understand from which origin and which quality raw materials are essential for industry needs. Rolweg, in particular developed deep expertise in Black sea origin commodities. Company now has a global presence in origination Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Australia, chartering facilities in Ukraine and Turkey and trading houses in Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Switzerland.