Rolweg is an agricultural trading house headquartered in Geneva , Switzerland . We are specialised in origination and exports of grains , oilseeds , feedstuffs and pulses . With originating , purchasing , processing and trading operations , we are serving to our customer needs from 10 different locations in the world.  Rolweg intended to become  a key player in the agriculture industry and a regular supplier for market demands.


The group of company started trading agricultural commodities and food distribution 50 years ago only in domestic market . Within half century period , company changed their route to become a permanet and reliable global player in international markets . The group has also demonstrated the success of being the first public listed company both in its region and sector . By establishing an office in Switzerland , company has proven its durability in commodity trade business .


We gave value on creating long-term and sustainable relationships with our partners. We respect our customers needs and give priority to improve ourselves in this direction. We believe the importance of built a reputation which is in fact certainty for decades.

We put our heart in our business


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