11th January 2021


Dear all,

I am excited to announce that Mr. Swithun Still has joined Rolweg S.A. as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) .

Swithun is already well known to many in the grain trade and therefore will need little introduction.

He was President of Gafta in 2019 and he a regular speaker at major grain conferences. He also enjoys a high profile presence on social media, notably on Twitter ( @RussianGrainTra )
Swithun has extensive knowledge of grain trading, freight, execution and arbitration, which he has gained over the past 20 years, notably in the Black Sea.

We look forward to harnessing his experience, energy and enthusiasm to expand into new markets and also to consolidate the markets that we are already in.

I extend a warm welcome to him and I sincerely hope that you will as well. 

For details about our company, please see our website: WWW.ROLWEG.COM 
Yours sincerely, 

Gunhan Ulusoy
Chairman of the Board of Directors